At Chef Dennis' Carte Blanche Restaurant we maintain limited availability of 14 seats per evening to ensure exclusivity of your dining experience with us. Therefore it is highly recommendable to reserve up front.

Carte Blanche is closed on Sundays and Monday.

All reservations need to be reconfirmed personally by phone (+297 586-3339) at least 24 hours before the set date. If your reservation has not been confirmed as stated, we keep the liberty to replace it with guests who have been added to our waiting list.

Call the restaurant (+297 586-3339) upon arrival on Aruba to inquire about availability or send us an email Contact and Location page.

Special notes:

Unfortunately we do not accept reservation requests more than 6 months in advance!

Carte Blanche does not allow reservations for guests under the age of 18 or parties of 4 persons and more (maximum 8) without a non refundable prepayment of $50 a person. 

We do accommodate certain allergies upon early notice. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation made by guests due to particular and/or excessive dietary restrictions and allergies that cannot be accommodated.

However, we do not serve vegetarian, vegan or meat-only menus.

Carte Blanche menu                 $109.- (excludes wine pairing and/or any drinks from the bar).

Carte Blanche wine pairing  $89.-.

Prices are subject to change.